Bouncy Soccer Balls That Aren’t Inflatable

The Jolly Soccer Ball is made of the flexible and durable JollyFlex(tm) material, which is easy to chew on and will not deflate even if your dog attempts to poke holes in it.

This dog-resistant soccer ball is manufactured in the United States of America. This ball allows you to concentrate on what is most important: having fun with your dog.

What to do:

  • Allow your dog to play with, throw, and pursue the ball.
  • It’s ideal for water-based fishing and retrieving. It will float.
  • It has a little bounce to it, so your fetch games will be a bit more bouncy.
  • The Jolly Soccer Ball comes in two sizes, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Sample review from a confirmed customer

I bought a few different sizes. My dog likes tossing them about with her paws while playing soccer with them. They’re not soft enough for her to bite and carry, though. She is a standard poodle and weighs 40 pounds. They are suitable for a 60–80-pound dog with a bigger jaw.

If I go up to one and put my entire weight on it, it will get near enough for her to wrap her jaws around it, but it will take my complete weight. Are they tampering with the material? The drawings make advantage of the opaque balls seen in the images. I ended up with something that was semi-transparent. I planned to use these to replace the deflated half-soccer ball she adores pursuing, picking up, and bringing back. I’ll keep looking for a better solution, but for now, these will suffice.

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