Happy Hoodie for Dogs

The Happy Hoodie(tm) is a soft, expanding fabric band with mild compression that can help dogs relax during stressful situations including storms, force drying, fireworks, nail clipping, and more.

Many dogs are hypersensitive to high-pitched and loud noises in the house. Happy Hoodie(tm) muffles these noises, which can help dogs relax in stressful situations. The 2-pack comes in two sizes to fit dogs of all sizes as well as cats.

The Happy Hoodie(tm) was created to calm and protect dogs from the loud noise and high-pressure environment associated with force drying in the grooming salon. It was so effective at relieving stress that it is now used to help pets relax in any setting, whether at home or at the grooming shop. You may choose from four different colors. The 2-pack comes in two sizes, so it will fit almost any dog or cat!

Specifications for the Happy Hoodie:

  • Shortens drying time by drawing moisture away from the ears and cheeks.
  • It takes very little time, effort, or money.
  • Washable and reusable hundreds of times in the washing machine
  • This cuts down on time spent at the grooming salon.
  • Noise cancellation and swaddling
  • Relaxes irritable or agitated pets
  • Improves both the pet’s and the groomer’s safety (or owner)
  • Pets can be heard by guards.

The following are examples of home use:

  • Antidepressants
  • Aids in ear aeration
  • It keeps the head and ears warm in chilly weather.
  • Keeps ears and long facial hair out of food and water bowls.

Specifications: There are two sizes to choose from

Small Hoodie

The smaller Hoodie is suitable for most small to medium-sized dogs (Shih Tzus, and Chihuahuas as well Schnauzers, Pomeranians, Miniature Poodles, toy breeds, cats).

Big Hoodie

Big Hoodie is suitable for a variety of dog breeds, including small, medium, and large (Schnauzers, Shih Tzus, Cocker Spaniels, Westie Heelers, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Aussie)

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